Sunday, April 26, 2009

Check your name in Voter List

eci3 Just Checked my name in Voter List. Hurray ! it’s there. Election Commission has has provided the facility of checking you name in the Voter List Online. You can also check as to in which Constituency does your locality falls and where is the Pooling Booth for you to Vote located.


If you are a Resident of Rajasthan you can click the link below to check your name in the Voter List or check you locality

Search Your Name in Final Photo Electoral Rolls - 2009 by Name

Search Your Name in Final Photo Electoral Rolls - 2009 by ID Card Number

Search Your Colony / Village / Locality

I thought that the highest numbers of Voters will be in Jaipur, but to my Surprise the highest numbers of Voters are in PALI Constituency. If you want to see the numbers of Voters in your area or any other area in Rajasthan click the link below

Parliamentary & Assembly Constituencies wise Polling Stations & Electors

If you want to see a list of candidates contesting your tour constituency you can click the link below

Contesting Candidates

See how wealthy your leaders are !

You can check the Assets & Liabilities of the candidates contesting from your locality. Click the link below to find out who is the richest and poorest of them


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who is the fake IPL Player ?

This guy may not be storming the grounds with his shots, but the fake IPL Player has surely stormed the blogosphere with his “Fake IPL Player Blog” Imagine 2451 google readers to the blog in a short span of 1 Month, 1400+ Comments on a single post and huge traffic on the blog. Yes, even the best of the Bloggers must be jealous of the overnight success of the Fake IPL Player blog.

He is supposed to be part of the Kolkata Knight Riders Team and claims to know the best kept secrets of what’s going within the team. For sure this blogger has become the pain in ass for Shahrukh Khan who is already struggling with getting the team in sync.

The Fake IPL Player doesn’t want his name to be revealed but not sure why he wants to bring out the Insider Story of the Kolkata knight riders. The team has left no stone unturned to find out who is leaking the secrets out but without any success.

To me it looks like somebody is trying to take playful revenge with Shahrukh. Who can be …..hmmmm… is it Aamir ? ….Has he managed to got a spy in the Kolkata Team or the support staff who either relays or does it for him ? Has Shahrukh checked on this …ha…ha..hasmiley

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Loksabha Elections’09: A different Ball game

indiaelection With the scorching summer showing its radiance, the heat of general assembly election to decide the leaders of India for next 5 years is also on. However this time around I notice a different ball game being played on the political front.

First and foremost the change in equation between anti-BJP parties has created a all together different scenario. Left, RJD, SP, BSP, and other regional parties were unsuccessful in creating a pre poll alliance though they supported the UPA led government. A part of it may also be due to the reason that congress had decided not to budge too much on the demands of these smaller outfits and try its luck alone as the party is confident of its better prospects in the elections. However, I expect a big loss of seats for the Congress in this game as the votes of Dalits, Muslims and OBC’s are set to get divided and eventually may benefit BJP in cornering a good numbers of seat.

Another change noticed this time is in the election strategy of BJP. This is the first time , the party is fighting the elections without its most respected leader Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is very evident that L.K Advani doesn’t enjoy unanimous support of the second rung party leaders and this is one the reasons that L.K.Advani has decided to take charge of the whole election campaign and we don’t see other fireband leaders much vocal in the campaigning process. The part is treading the “Ram Temple” path cautiously so as to not to provoke the muslim and at the same time pass on the message to the Hindu community that it is still committed to building the “Ram Temple”.

The third front is in a mess this time. RJD, SP and BSP have decided to fight the elections on its own and have a post poll alliance based on the seats won so that they are in better position to bargain.

The forth unprecedented change this time is rise in number of prime ministerial aspirants who candidly staked their claim for the top slot before the elections. Every other leader wants to be prime minister of this country and if the voters of India continue to give divided opinions, these shabby politicians will continue to take the government for ransom in exchange of their support.

The fifth and noticeable change is that the separatist elements in Kashmir have decided to join the mainstream and have opted for fighting with ballots instead of bullets. This is a welcome change , but a lot depends on whether these leaders are really willing to shun violence or this is a just another tactic to continue their ill deeds with lot more official power in their hands. Time will tell !

What will be the fate of 14th Loksabha ?

Most political parties are expecting a hung assembly this time again. If that happens, the post poll alliance game may see some unprecedented alliance and horse trading scenes at the helm of affairs and will be unfortunate for India. One thing is certain, Only a Congress or BJP ruled alliance has the power to give a stable government as these parties command true national presence, hence if a third front led or other regional party led government is formed at the centre, it will be only a short term drama.

State wise Election Schedule

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sushil, Vijender creates history for India at Beijing Olympics

It was a day full of cheers for India at Beijing 2008 Olympics. After Abhinav Bindra's Gold hunt, two Indian Bravehearts have done proud to India. Sushil Kumar has won Bronze Medal in the wrestling event. Another wrestler Vijender has already confirmed Bronze and will fight out for the silver tomorrow. The prize money has already started flooding in. Sushil gets Rs. 55 Lacs plus promotion from railways, 50 Lacs from Delhi government, Rs. 25 Lacs from Central government and another Rs. 20 Lacs from Ministry of Sports. There may be some more to come his way.

The showering of money on the winners in Olympics has seen new records in 2008 and is a good sign for India in the years to come. The money game has moved from Cricket to tennis and now to Olympics. I am sure this would encourage more and more Indians to sought for a career in Olympic games. Win a medal and you can be assured of a secured financial future. More and more parents would now start sending their children's to learn boxing, swimming and other Olympic activities. I can visualize that after a period of say 12-16 years, India will stand at among top ten countries in terms of medal count. Cheers!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Google Trends sets New Trend in Blogging

Trend Blogs -Keyword Blogging

Blogging as a concept has evolved itself in a variety of sorts. Be it personal blogs, online diaries,celebrity blogs,language centric blogs or recently more popular thematic blogs,bloggers have left no stone unturned in order to grab attention of the readers. No doubt, readers are lifeline of any blog and a blog without readership does not last long. Hence , bloggers are on prowl to catch any idea that might draw lot of readers to their blogs.
We have heard of copy cats, whose job is to continuously hunt for reputed blogs and copy their contents on their own blog. Recently , we have seen surge of feed blogs, which carry feeds of popular blogs and thus doing another kind of theft. With onset of Google Trends, a new cult of bloggers have appeared on the blogosphere.
To give you the perspective, Google Trends is a Google owned website which publishes hottest Keywords being used by Internet users online at any particular point of time and rank these Keywords in order of popularity. These trends keep on changing during the day and every day based on Keywords being searched on the net at that point of time.
Now, with access to most popular keywords, people have started creating blogs which carry information related to these keywords. Their job is to constantly watch the Google trend website, take the top 3-4 keywords and put some article on that keyword and publish the blog. This way, these blogs are able to appear on the search engines for these hot keywords and in turn help driving traffic to these blogs. Google trend also displays blog post on the popular keywords and these blogs appear on google trends also. Needless to say that these blogs are full of advertisements and the motive is to get higher clicks on the ads.
Examples of such blogs are :

This is just a example. The blogosphere is slowly getting crowded with such stuff. These "Trend Blogs" bank on the fact the search engines would show their blogs when these popular keywords are being searched on the net. This will bring lot of traffic on their blog and in turn higher chances of getting clicks on the Ads that they have put on their blog.

However, Trend blogging has failed to create good blogs in the blogosphere. Most of the blogs are mere copycats of some articles on these Keywords and don't do any value add. Further , some blogs just mention the Keywords in the header and that's it. Hence, we are not seeing good quality "Trend Blogs". I am sure most of these blogs will die down with time as people realise that they are just filling up the space. However, I am looking forward to blogs who can creatively use this concept for the benefit of blogging community as well as blog readers.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pot of politics boils on Nuclear-deal

The current tussle shows hollowness of India's Leaders

The favourite Indian political drama is on. This time the plot is Nuclear deal. Left which has already tarnished its image with its boring dramas of keeping a control on the ruling UPA has threatened to withdraw support if the government gives a go ahead to the talk on Nuclear deal.Sensing the climate, the all-time opportunistic Samajwadi party suddenly rose from the doldrums to play a role of the saviour of the congress rule. And after seeing all these , how can our so called communal party BJP keeps its calm. So Advani ji suddenly appeared from the woods to challenge the UPA government to prove its majority.

So what do we call this ? I would say its a sheer bad luck for India that its leaders are busy doing the shabby politics instead of coming together and putting up their views as to Why India should go ahead or stay away from the nuclear deal . If all the parties brainstorm and put up their views on this I am sure that they can come to an conclusion on whether we should go for it or not. Why don't we utilise our vast intellectuals (that we boast of being Indians) to find out whether the deal is in national interest or not ?
Why is the media quite on this issue ? It can do all tit bits on keep their TRP ratings but why can't it come forward to initiate a nationwide debate on the benefits and pitfalls of the Nuclear deal.

Well, you must be laughing as to why I am getting so impatient on this....this is how Indian politics go....but if we have to change India for better...we have to teach these politicians their responsibilities and the way they should lead Indian towards the path of development instead of using such opportunities to bake their political rotis!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Does Blogging impacts Social life ?

Blogs creates a web-based society, but where's the time to socialise ?

Yesterday, I was planning to meet my friend after a long time as he had returned from the states. However, I could not meet him due to lack of time. So what I was doing ? I was busy thinking on my next post and also connecting to fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs.

Another day , I skipped a visit to a nearby park with my family just because I was engrossed in writing a post for one of my blog. Today, As I sit back and think about the changes that has happened to me after entering the blogosphere, I am realising that I am drifting away from the real social life (meeting friends and relatives, pursuing hobby, spending quality time with family and so on ) and getting more attached to my laptop where I connect myself to the web based society, reading a whole lot of blogs or various topics.

The invisible charm of attracting a whole lot of crowd to the blog and also exploring the massive population of bloggers and get to know their talent has ended up in limiting myself for hours to the computer screen. I find that my world is getting limited to the blogosphere and I am feeling that I am drifting away from the real social world. I have more of Internet friends whom I have never met.

I am not sure If I am doing the right thing but can't help glued to the blogging world. But I want to do justice to my virtual society. In a fix ! On one hand the blog provides me a platform where not only I create a whole lot of web based friends but also catch up to my ambition of putting a pen to my thoughts. Blogging has given me glory in terms of popularity of my blog and has created a distinct identity of mine in the web world, but it has snatched a precious time from me which I could have spent in socialising.

Have you, as a blogger came across similar paradox ! If yes, please share your views and what you think on this . Is there a fine balancing act between blogging and social life ? How can we do justice to both ?

I am looking forward to your view !

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why fuel price hike ?

I am not sure if government did the right thing by increasing the fuel price. It is going to affect middle class and poor families the most. Since petrol is required from vehicles ranging from Scooters to Cars and Autos to Bus, this will result in higher allocation of family budget to this category. To add to the fire, the prices of Domestic gas has been increased by a whooping Rs.50 .

It's not possible to differentiate pricing of petroleum products based on income groups. But government can think in terms of recovery the deficit in form of other Taxes. Why can't government impose a Oil Deficit Recovery Tax on purchase of Luxury Cars and also on Middle segment cars so that the rich pays more and deficit can be reduced. The government can also think in terms of imposing a Oil deficit recovery tax on Corporate profits.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

गुर्जर : महाराजा से बने ग्वाला , फिर हुई चाहत गद्दी की
गुर्जर शब्द सुनते की आपके जहन में क्या तस्वीर उभरती है ? मेरे मन में जो तस्वीर उभरती है, वो है भेड़-बकरी चराने वाले एक मासूम गडरिये की ...सिर पर सफ़ेद पगड़ी और हाथ में डंडा और आपस बहुत सी भेड़ और बकरिया...या फिर गाय और भेसों का दूध दुहती गूजरी का चेहरा जहन में उतरता है ....गुर्जर आन्दोलन के चलते मेरे मन में एक प्रशन उठा की क्यों न गुर्जर समाज के इतिहास के पन्नों को पलटा जाये और फिर जो मैंने पढ़ा वो शायद एक सपना था । क्या आप जानते है की किसी ज़माने में गुर्जर जाती का भारत पर एक छत्र शासन था !! जो जाती आज खुद को अनुसूचित जनजाति में शामिल करने के लिए सडकों पर उतर आई वो वो कभी इस देश पर राज करती थी....जी हाँ अगर गुर्जर समाज की एक वेबसाइट पर दिए विवरण को सत्य माने तो .....आगे पदिये
श्री कृष्ण की मा यशोदा, प्रेयसी राधा , पन्ना धाय, रानी पद्मनी ...ये सभी गुर्जर समाज की गौरव गाथा बयां करती हैं। इस वेबसाइट के अनुसार गुर्जर जाती का उद्गम स्थान है जोर्जिया ! कहतें है की गुजरात प्रदेश का नाम भी गुर्जर समाज से संबंधित है क्योंकि गुर्जरों ने यहाँ कई सदियों तक शासन किया । गुर्जर स्वयम को रघुकुल वंशी (भगवन श्री राम के वंशज) मानते हैं । लेकिन कुछ लोगो का मत है की गुर्जर श्री कृष्ण के वंशज है। शुरू में गुर्जरों ने पश्चिम राजस्थान में आपना शासन स्थापित किया और उसे पूर्व में असम तक और पश्चिम में लाहौर तक फेलाया ।
इस पूर्व सं ६५० से लेकर इस पश्चात सं १०६० तक गुर्जरों का शासन काल रहा जिसमे दादा प्रथम से लेकर यशपाल तक ने शासन किया ।

लेकिन मुस्लिम शाशाको के आने के बाद गुर्जर शासन का अंत भी आ गया। सं १६९७ में Ala-ud-din खिलजी ने आखरी गुर्जर शासक का अंत कर दीया. इस प्रकार सदियों से चला आ रहा गुर्जन शासन पूरी तरह समाप्त हो गया। इसके बाद तो गुर्जर लोगो पर अत्याचार और दमन का सिलसिला शुरू हुआ उससे घबरा कर कई गुर्जरों ने अपना धरम परिवर्तन कर मुस्लिम धर्म को अपना लिया । गुर्जर समाज की दशा दिन पर दिन खराब होती चली गयी और उन्होने खेती बादी और पशुपालन का व्यवसाय अपना लिया ।एक अनुमान के अनुसार आज देश भर में गुर्जर समाज की जनसंख्या करीब साधे तीन करोड़ है। गुर्जर समाज ने देश को सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल, राजेश पायलट और विजय सिंह पथिक जैसे नेता प्रदान किये हैं।

गुर्जर आन्दोलन के कर्णधार श्री किरोदी सिंह बैसला का कहना है की गुर्जर समाज ने अपने जनजातीय रहन सहन को कायम रखा है और यह वर्ग सामजिक और आर्थिक रूप से बहुत पिछड़ा हुआ है, इसलिए इसे अनुसूचित जनजाति का दर्जा दिया जाना चाहिऐ। अब देखना ये है की क्या आरक्षण की बैसाखी के जरिये शासन के गलियारों में अपनी हिस्सेदारी बढाने में सफल हो पाएंगे और क्या वे अपने सुनहरे अतीत को फिर से प्राप्त कर पायेंगे ?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is Reservation deadlier than terrorism ?

The recent Gurjar agitation has once again opened the plethora of debate on whether we as Indians are handling this issue in a right perspective and is the government serious about bringing a common minimum solution to this seemingly never-ending saga of killing of innocent people in the fire of reservation.

When the craftsman of Indian destiny post Independence, drafted the Reservation policy for backward communities with the intention that they would bring the socially and economically challenged part of the country at par with the forward communities, hardly did they imagined that this would turn out to be a toy in the hands of politicians and would end up taking a death toll which could be compared to terrorist attacks. With poor execution over the past 50 years, the reservation policy has been a total failure in uplifting the social and economic status of the backward communities and tribes and instead has worked to be major cause of divide between the various communities.

Interestingly the ongoing gurjar agitation is not about seeking reservation. The community already enjoys reservation under OBC Quota. They now want be notified as a scheduled tribe which is currently a stronghold of Meena community. This has also led to bitterness among these communities.
The ongoing Gujjar/gurjar agitation brings in light following issues with regards to the reservation policy -

  • 50 years post independence, do we really need the reservation policy for upbringing the backward communities ?
  • Can the government work out a detailed strategy of provide a solid background to the children and youth of the backward communities in terms of access to education facilities and monetary packages for the economically backward section instead of providing reservation in jobs ?
  • The mindset needs to be changed. The time and energy wasted in agitations should be utilised for brainstorming on developmental issues.
  • Can we think in terms of providing a world class educational facilities dedicated for the backward communities which takes the onus of converting them into a equally capable citizen of India ?

Well, the results of any initiative in this direction may take 10-15 years to fructify as it delivers a cadre of equally capable youth of the so called "backward community" ,but would surely result in a definite end to the current reservation policy which has failed to provide a solution in last 50 Years!

Well guys, put on your thinking caps and if you have any solutions and perspective on the reservation policy in light on ongoing agitation, do leave a comment.