Saturday, June 07, 2008

Does Blogging impacts Social life ?

Blogs creates a web-based society, but where's the time to socialise ?

Yesterday, I was planning to meet my friend after a long time as he had returned from the states. However, I could not meet him due to lack of time. So what I was doing ? I was busy thinking on my next post and also connecting to fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs.

Another day , I skipped a visit to a nearby park with my family just because I was engrossed in writing a post for one of my blog. Today, As I sit back and think about the changes that has happened to me after entering the blogosphere, I am realising that I am drifting away from the real social life (meeting friends and relatives, pursuing hobby, spending quality time with family and so on ) and getting more attached to my laptop where I connect myself to the web based society, reading a whole lot of blogs or various topics.

The invisible charm of attracting a whole lot of crowd to the blog and also exploring the massive population of bloggers and get to know their talent has ended up in limiting myself for hours to the computer screen. I find that my world is getting limited to the blogosphere and I am feeling that I am drifting away from the real social world. I have more of Internet friends whom I have never met.

I am not sure If I am doing the right thing but can't help glued to the blogging world. But I want to do justice to my virtual society. In a fix ! On one hand the blog provides me a platform where not only I create a whole lot of web based friends but also catch up to my ambition of putting a pen to my thoughts. Blogging has given me glory in terms of popularity of my blog and has created a distinct identity of mine in the web world, but it has snatched a precious time from me which I could have spent in socialising.

Have you, as a blogger came across similar paradox ! If yes, please share your views and what you think on this . Is there a fine balancing act between blogging and social life ? How can we do justice to both ?

I am looking forward to your view !


javed said...

The situation that you have described is very common now-a-days. You can also call it Blog addicton. It is similar to addiction for Internet browsing, video games and similar activities. The best way is to bring self discipline. BTW....I am a great fan of your investment guru blog.


Anonymous said...

Switch out of the blog for a month or so and you will feel refreshed !

Vasant said...

these are two sides of the hand you gain online friends , on the other you loose some of your virtual friends.