Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pot of politics boils on Nuclear-deal

The current tussle shows hollowness of India's Leaders

The favourite Indian political drama is on. This time the plot is Nuclear deal. Left which has already tarnished its image with its boring dramas of keeping a control on the ruling UPA has threatened to withdraw support if the government gives a go ahead to the talk on Nuclear deal.Sensing the climate, the all-time opportunistic Samajwadi party suddenly rose from the doldrums to play a role of the saviour of the congress rule. And after seeing all these , how can our so called communal party BJP keeps its calm. So Advani ji suddenly appeared from the woods to challenge the UPA government to prove its majority.

So what do we call this ? I would say its a sheer bad luck for India that its leaders are busy doing the shabby politics instead of coming together and putting up their views as to Why India should go ahead or stay away from the nuclear deal . If all the parties brainstorm and put up their views on this I am sure that they can come to an conclusion on whether we should go for it or not. Why don't we utilise our vast intellectuals (that we boast of being Indians) to find out whether the deal is in national interest or not ?
Why is the media quite on this issue ? It can do all tit bits on keep their TRP ratings but why can't it come forward to initiate a nationwide debate on the benefits and pitfalls of the Nuclear deal.

Well, you must be laughing as to why I am getting so impatient on this....this is how Indian politics go....but if we have to change India for better...we have to teach these politicians their responsibilities and the way they should lead Indian towards the path of development instead of using such opportunities to bake their political rotis!!!

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