Sunday, August 03, 2008

Google Trends sets New Trend in Blogging

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Blogging as a concept has evolved itself in a variety of sorts. Be it personal blogs, online diaries,celebrity blogs,language centric blogs or recently more popular thematic blogs,bloggers have left no stone unturned in order to grab attention of the readers. No doubt, readers are lifeline of any blog and a blog without readership does not last long. Hence , bloggers are on prowl to catch any idea that might draw lot of readers to their blogs.
We have heard of copy cats, whose job is to continuously hunt for reputed blogs and copy their contents on their own blog. Recently , we have seen surge of feed blogs, which carry feeds of popular blogs and thus doing another kind of theft. With onset of Google Trends, a new cult of bloggers have appeared on the blogosphere.
To give you the perspective, Google Trends is a Google owned website which publishes hottest Keywords being used by Internet users online at any particular point of time and rank these Keywords in order of popularity. These trends keep on changing during the day and every day based on Keywords being searched on the net at that point of time.
Now, with access to most popular keywords, people have started creating blogs which carry information related to these keywords. Their job is to constantly watch the Google trend website, take the top 3-4 keywords and put some article on that keyword and publish the blog. This way, these blogs are able to appear on the search engines for these hot keywords and in turn help driving traffic to these blogs. Google trend also displays blog post on the popular keywords and these blogs appear on google trends also. Needless to say that these blogs are full of advertisements and the motive is to get higher clicks on the ads.
Examples of such blogs are :

This is just a example. The blogosphere is slowly getting crowded with such stuff. These "Trend Blogs" bank on the fact the search engines would show their blogs when these popular keywords are being searched on the net. This will bring lot of traffic on their blog and in turn higher chances of getting clicks on the Ads that they have put on their blog.

However, Trend blogging has failed to create good blogs in the blogosphere. Most of the blogs are mere copycats of some articles on these Keywords and don't do any value add. Further , some blogs just mention the Keywords in the header and that's it. Hence, we are not seeing good quality "Trend Blogs". I am sure most of these blogs will die down with time as people realise that they are just filling up the space. However, I am looking forward to blogs who can creatively use this concept for the benefit of blogging community as well as blog readers.

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Adheeth said...


I blog @ justascrap and it is one of my expierments with net on blogging the Buzz and indexing useful websites. Google trends is a source to keep the Buzz alive in blogging. The news you would be missing from News websites, the most recent happenings etc you can track from Trends. What i have learned is the Buzz dies after a month and as you mentioned the blog can die. If you have taken a keen look @ the blog its not just trends that i blog on, there are lots of other news also! Afterall there is a lot of effort put behind and to index the blog as a trash feels bad!. BTW indiabytes is a Indian Social bookmarking website on the lines of Indianpad,Humsurfer etc. Please put in more effort when you analyze a website.