Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is Reservation deadlier than terrorism ?

The recent Gurjar agitation has once again opened the plethora of debate on whether we as Indians are handling this issue in a right perspective and is the government serious about bringing a common minimum solution to this seemingly never-ending saga of killing of innocent people in the fire of reservation.

When the craftsman of Indian destiny post Independence, drafted the Reservation policy for backward communities with the intention that they would bring the socially and economically challenged part of the country at par with the forward communities, hardly did they imagined that this would turn out to be a toy in the hands of politicians and would end up taking a death toll which could be compared to terrorist attacks. With poor execution over the past 50 years, the reservation policy has been a total failure in uplifting the social and economic status of the backward communities and tribes and instead has worked to be major cause of divide between the various communities.

Interestingly the ongoing gurjar agitation is not about seeking reservation. The community already enjoys reservation under OBC Quota. They now want be notified as a scheduled tribe which is currently a stronghold of Meena community. This has also led to bitterness among these communities.
The ongoing Gujjar/gurjar agitation brings in light following issues with regards to the reservation policy -

  • 50 years post independence, do we really need the reservation policy for upbringing the backward communities ?
  • Can the government work out a detailed strategy of provide a solid background to the children and youth of the backward communities in terms of access to education facilities and monetary packages for the economically backward section instead of providing reservation in jobs ?
  • The mindset needs to be changed. The time and energy wasted in agitations should be utilised for brainstorming on developmental issues.
  • Can we think in terms of providing a world class educational facilities dedicated for the backward communities which takes the onus of converting them into a equally capable citizen of India ?

Well, the results of any initiative in this direction may take 10-15 years to fructify as it delivers a cadre of equally capable youth of the so called "backward community" ,but would surely result in a definite end to the current reservation policy which has failed to provide a solution in last 50 Years!

Well guys, put on your thinking caps and if you have any solutions and perspective on the reservation policy in light on ongoing agitation, do leave a comment.


Lalit Sharma said...

Stop Reservations. performance should be the only criteria. Give education facilities to these backward classes.

Anonymous said...

Well said rajesh...the only solution is that resrevation should on basis of economic condition and not casteism...even poor families of well to do castes should get reservation.

Anonymous said...

forget resrevation, talk of competiton. Who would want to get operated from a doctor who had secured 30% but got a seat through resrevation. Even my dog wouldn't dare to !!!