Sunday, April 19, 2009

Loksabha Elections’09: A different Ball game

indiaelection With the scorching summer showing its radiance, the heat of general assembly election to decide the leaders of India for next 5 years is also on. However this time around I notice a different ball game being played on the political front.

First and foremost the change in equation between anti-BJP parties has created a all together different scenario. Left, RJD, SP, BSP, and other regional parties were unsuccessful in creating a pre poll alliance though they supported the UPA led government. A part of it may also be due to the reason that congress had decided not to budge too much on the demands of these smaller outfits and try its luck alone as the party is confident of its better prospects in the elections. However, I expect a big loss of seats for the Congress in this game as the votes of Dalits, Muslims and OBC’s are set to get divided and eventually may benefit BJP in cornering a good numbers of seat.

Another change noticed this time is in the election strategy of BJP. This is the first time , the party is fighting the elections without its most respected leader Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is very evident that L.K Advani doesn’t enjoy unanimous support of the second rung party leaders and this is one the reasons that L.K.Advani has decided to take charge of the whole election campaign and we don’t see other fireband leaders much vocal in the campaigning process. The part is treading the “Ram Temple” path cautiously so as to not to provoke the muslim and at the same time pass on the message to the Hindu community that it is still committed to building the “Ram Temple”.

The third front is in a mess this time. RJD, SP and BSP have decided to fight the elections on its own and have a post poll alliance based on the seats won so that they are in better position to bargain.

The forth unprecedented change this time is rise in number of prime ministerial aspirants who candidly staked their claim for the top slot before the elections. Every other leader wants to be prime minister of this country and if the voters of India continue to give divided opinions, these shabby politicians will continue to take the government for ransom in exchange of their support.

The fifth and noticeable change is that the separatist elements in Kashmir have decided to join the mainstream and have opted for fighting with ballots instead of bullets. This is a welcome change , but a lot depends on whether these leaders are really willing to shun violence or this is a just another tactic to continue their ill deeds with lot more official power in their hands. Time will tell !

What will be the fate of 14th Loksabha ?

Most political parties are expecting a hung assembly this time again. If that happens, the post poll alliance game may see some unprecedented alliance and horse trading scenes at the helm of affairs and will be unfortunate for India. One thing is certain, Only a Congress or BJP ruled alliance has the power to give a stable government as these parties command true national presence, hence if a third front led or other regional party led government is formed at the centre, it will be only a short term drama.

State wise Election Schedule


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Manish said...

I agree with you. This time the elections campaigns do not have any major issue to highlights and hence parties are tempted to mudslinging on each other.

Anonymous said...

This time BJP will form the government for sure. Congress will be reduced to 50+ seat party.